My favorite song in February 2020

It is 9:30pm now and I’m in a bad mood. It is because I had to work like a seller on weekend and my health was affected. And today, I heard some words from my mom and it hurt me a lot :(. Maybe she didn’t mean to but … I’m a sensitive person, therefore her words made me thinking :(. Ughhhh I know the reason was me.

On the other hand, today I didn’t make any new designs. My ideas was stuck nowhere and I am disappointed in myself. Hmm I open my lap and think about type a blog post, and this came out of my mind >> I want to share a new song I’ve heard recently.

Not like my last post My favorite 7 English songs in November 2019, today I will introduce only 1 song. This is because I spent most of my time on designing not finding new song, so I don’t have enough 7 songs TT_TT

And the song is

Christina Aguilera, A Great Big World –

Fall On Me

When I surfed youtube, the system recommended this song for me and I clicked it. I could only tell you that I replayed it “hundred times” while designing. The song is just beautiful and the MV also. I always fall in love with this kind of music hehe 😜

Ok, this is the end, I feel better after sharing this post.

See you later 👋

>>>>> Sorry for my bad English

P/s: throw back my painting last 2 weeks

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  1. Hi there,

    Don’t take things personally 🙂 Look out there, and we can see that we have everything in the world, especially health and life 🙂

    Each day, in somewhere on Earth, there are people getting sick because of virus Covid-19. Therefore we should thank for all we have at this moment, including some bla bla … that your mom said 🙂

    Take a deep breath, have a deep sleep, … then go back to beautiful life 🙂

    Have fun.

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