[RE-IELTS] Writing 5 – Topic: Tough measures and stricter punishment

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[RE-IELTS] Writing 5 – Topic: Tough measures and stricter punishment


In recent year, there has been an increase in bad behaviour and poor discipline such as bullying. Tough measures and stricter punishment by schools, parents and others are necessary to stop this trend.

Do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

It is argued that students who are the bullies in the class should be applied some stricter methods by schools, parents to remove their bad behavior from education environment. I totally agree with this statement for the following justification.

In my opinion, the first stricter punishment can be used to educate the bullies is that school should force them to serve the community, take them to clean nursing home or orphanage center at the weekend in 1 or 2 months. The elders can teach them many lessons in life and the orphan babies gives them a chance look back how lucky they are. Consequently, this method can make them understand the social value and stop bullying others. Secondly, it is true that teenagers are more likely to change their poor discipline only when they experience a special event in their life such as spending a week at military school or one day in prison. These experience will help them to recognize their character, if not changing, will ruin their life and one day they will become a criminal. Finally, schools should give them more homework while parents can take away all their technological devices in a period of time so that they have to spend most of the day on studying.

In contrast, only by using normal methods cannot the bullies become a well-behaved student. Firstly, if schools force them to leave school in several days, that thing will affect the number of student of the class. Even worse, this could be harmful in term of developing their knowledge. Next, some schools announce the name of students who have poor discipline in front of all student as a punishment to them but I doubt that this method can make teenagers more stubborn. Finally, students have to repeat writing sentences about their fault many times to memorize not relapsing. I believe this is a bad idea in educating the young, that way is more likely to improve their writing but their bad behavior.

In conclusion, I fully support the view that schools and parents should use tough measures and stricter punishment to stop the bullies perform their bad behavior.

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