[RE-IELTS] Writing 4 – Topic: World history

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Ielts writing


It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about local history than world history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

It is argued that children at school should be taught about the history of their hometown rather than the global history. I firmly disagree with this view for the following justifications.

The main reason why it is better for schoolboys and schoolgirls to be informed of the world history is that it helps them to understand how the society which have changed in the past. It is true that many countries in Africa was dominated by the invasion of Westerners. Nevertheless, after the free social Africa, they are now developing in a quick manner. Therefore, by studying what happened around the world, students can analyze the wrong and right things. On the contrary, placing more priority on teaching young learners local history would end up making them bored with historical subject. Because if their hometown, having fewer historical events to emphasize the evolution of society, students can not understand all the social value.

In addition, only by learning the history of the world can the young become a global citizen. Unarguably, when they are global citizens, they can travel to their favorite place, they can also work overseas and experience other cultures. By contrast, it is proved challenging to students who do not know about world history, because they find it very difficult to make friends with foreigners or understand their behavior. Consequently, schoolchildren can only live around their hometown, thereby not developing comprehensively.

By way of conclusion, I totally believe that better emphasis should be placed on the importance of a student’s global history than development in local history, which which both strengthens national identity and offers a comfortable and effective time learning that monotonous subject.




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