[RE-IELTS] Writing 3 – Topic: Nursing home

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Now, let’s go!

Ielts writing


Currently, more and more people respect elders and become convinced that old people should live with their families, which is in contrast to the view that old people should live at a nursing home. Dicuss.

My essay:

Opinions are divided as to whether the elderly should reside in a nursing home or not. While it is said that elders should live at nursing centers to receive the professional care, I believe that it is better for the old to live with their family to have a special care.

On the one hand, the old should live at nursing centers for some reasons. The first one is that these centers are professional organizations, so their staff are often well-trained and therefore have excellent knowledge about elderly health. For example, when an elder has a heart attack, a staff can react in a quick manner and offer him or her immediate first aid. Furthermore, the old can have a chance to make friends with contemporaries. For instance, they can talk about their life to relieve stress. If they spend most of their time with their family at home, they might feel a sense of lonliness because they have no friends with whom they can frolic.

On the other hand, it is better idea for senior citizens to live with their families. Firstly, they and their children are family members who share a full bond, so their children love them more than other people do. As a result, the old can receive greater amounts of time and effort caring for their health in comparison to a nursing staff without any blood relationship. Secondly, some elders need special care because of diabetes or heart disease. For example, the old, if having diabetes, will need meals without sugar. Finally, elderly living with their family are likely to feel they are a useful citizen by taking care of their grandsons or granddaughters and their children can have a chance to show their filial piety.

In conclusion, although it is evident that there are some inevitable advantages of the old being sent to nursing home, I would argue that they should be taken care of by their children for special care. Only by having excessive exposure to family members can elders have happy time in the rest of their life.

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Done. Have a nice day!

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