My 7 favorite English songs in July 2019


When my mood goes down or when I design image or when I want to relax, I usually search some songs on youtube to hear.

I have a habit that I will replay 1 song multiple times until I feel bored of listening to it. But actually I am not bored with the song I like, I just want to find new song that suit my mind at that time.

And here, there are my 7 favorite English songs in July, I want to share this list to whom who are pessimistic. Please enjoy music and it will make you feel better like I did.

Moreover, listening to English songs will help you improve your listening skills, I really love these songs because it is easy to hear and have amazing tone. I also embedded the link so you can click it and watch the official video of the artist, except the song Look at me, I used a lyric video instead of music video of Charlie Puth, because I like this video =))))))
Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Timeflies – Monsters ft. Katie Sky

Ed Sheeran – Happier

Westlife – Better Man

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