Workshop about studying ARENA in UK on Tuesday 02 July 2019


Why do I write this?

On Tuesday this week, I went to a workshop held by my school CUSC in Can Tho. The theme of the workshop was studying ARENA in UK. There was some information I want to share with you.

First of all, the most atractive thing that lead me to join this workshop was the presence of senior executives of Aptech from India. That was a huge chance to meet them in real life and listen to their talk about new technology in Graphic Design. Whole-Time Director of Aptech- Mr Anuj Kacker has introduced us the new 3D technology applied on ebook this year. With the new ebook, students who study ARENA can see 3D modules through an application on their phone. It is really amazing when you can see all detail and interact with modules.

workshop uk 1

Mr Anuj Kacker

The next presentation was of Mr Kallol Mukherjee – Vice Director of Global Aptech, he has a great sense of humor. His talk was about future jobs and what students can do after their graduation. I think this was like a promotion talk to attract young generation to choose ARENA. Anyways, it was still a good presentation and a worthy chance for me to improve my listening skills.

workshop uk 2

Mr Kallol Mukherjee

The final talk was of a delegate of Middlesex Universitty (I forgot his name T__T but I got a picture of him). He presented about Middlesex tuition, scholarship and some example of international students stories. In my opinion, Middlesex has a great enviroment for students who want to study ARENA, but if you do not have much money, it will be a challenge to study there because they only offer 50% or 15% tuition scholarship. And students can find a part-time job, the limited time is 20 hours a week. There are 2 ways to study ARENA at Middlesex University, the 1st way is study 2 years in Vietnam and then 1 year in London, the 2nd way is study 1 year in Vietnam and then 2 years in London. The condition of the course is student must hold IELTS certificate above 6 (all skills are not under 5.5). The delegate said the 2nd way was the best choice to save money if you want to study oversea but your finance is limited.

workshop uk 3

In conclusion, it was a long time since I attended to a workshop about studying in Taiwan. This workshop I went this week was valuable, it provided the information about the living in UK. It was expensive for me, but if you have enough finance, you can find information about Middlesex University and give it a try. I also realized that if I want to achive my dream, I first should prepare myself carefully, particularly English.

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