How to “survive” in Mekong Delta Vietnam

*This post is a gift for you, who have a plan to visit Mekong Delta Vietnam.

How to “survive” in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Firstly, please notice that the verb “survive” in the title is a joke, there is nothing to worry when you are in Mekong Delta, because you will find it is a peaceful place with lovely people :D.

Let me introduce myself and why I wrote this article. My name is Kathy, I was born in Chau Doc city, An Giang province and I have studied Marketing for 4 years in Can Tho. Now I am working as a receptionist at a small hotel named XOAI in Can Tho. So I am proud that I know a lot about Mekong Delta and tourism. While I was working at hotel, I received a lot of questions about Mekong Delta and I think it is necessary to combine all of it into this post. So that, when you read this, you will have a general knowledge about Mekong Delta and you can have a better plan and a great trip to my hometown.


So now let’s begin, Q means question and A means Answer.
Q: What is Mekong Delta?

A: The Mekong Delta is the southernmost region of Vietnam. It has 1 capital: Can Tho and 12 provinces: Long An, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Hau Giang, Soc Trang, Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau.

Can Tho is the most famous tourist place to foreigners, many people go there to see floating market. If you have short time, for example: 1 to 2 days, Can Tho definitely is a good choice for you. Otherwise, let’s try some interesting places such as: Chau Doc, Kien Giang, Ben Tre.
Q: How can I reach to Can Tho from HCM City? / How can I get to Chau Doc from Can Tho?/ How do I get to other cities from Can Tho? …

A: I will general this question like this How can I reach to 1 place from another place and it is about transportation in Mekong Delta. The answer is there are 2 ways: travel by plane and by bus.

There is only 1 airport in Can Tho – The capital of Mekong Delta. So this means you can only travel by plane to Can Tho, if you want to visit other province, please go by bus.

About the bus, there are 2 options: local bus and Futa bus. Local bus means the bus of the government, it is cheap but the facility and the service is not good. You can go anywhere with local bus but can not buy ticket in advance. In contrast, FUTA bus is the service of Phuong Trang company, the price is more expensive but the service is good and you can book the ticket in advance via the link The cons of Futa bus is you can not go anywhere because they have their own route. Fortunately, you can check the route on their website.

In case you don’t have time to check the information, there is an easy way: go and ask your receptionist to book the bus ticket (of FUTA bus) for you and it is free of charge. One thing, FUTA also has free shuttle bus for you, they will come to your hotel to pick you up to the bus station.

Q: Where is the bus station in Can Tho?

A: There are 2 bus station: one bus for local bus (bus of the gorverment) at 91B, Nguyen Van Linh Street. The other for FUTA Bus and other buses at Highway 1, Hung Thanh, Cai Rang district.

Q: I am vegan / vegetarian. Where can I go to eat?

A: In Vietnamese, we call vegan / vegetarian by “Người ăn chay”. So it is easy for you to check the restaurant by the word “Chay” in their title. Or you can use google map to find some “Chay” restaurants.

Here are 3 questions people ask me frequently, I will update this post soon with other questions

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