My vocabulary today: Growing up


My topic today is ‘Growing up’, i learned 10 words about it and made a sentence with each word.

My previous topic is ‘Lifestyles’, you can read it via the link below:

Now let’s begin

  • adolescence /,ædou’lesns/ (n): thời thanh thiếu niên

I became girly in my adolescence

  • bond /bɔnd/ (n): mối liên kết

= connection

The bond between me and my team is very strong

  • character /’kæriktə/ (n): tính cách

= personality

Lisa has a good character, she always helps her friends with their homework

  • close-knit (adj): gắn bó

= close

Living in a close-knit family, i feel very happy because we share everything together

  • conflict /’kɔnflikt/ (n): sự xung đột

= disagreement

Sometimes i’m in conflict with my sister about where to eat

  • endure /in’djuə/ (v): chịu đựng

= bear

An ant can endure the weight that is bigger itself 10 times

  • nurture /’nə:tʃə/ (v): nuôi dưỡng

= bringing up

Bella nurtured an orphan as her own child

  • parental /pə’rentl/ (adj): thuộc cha mẹ

It is good for John to receive parental experience before going to university

  • pregnant /’pregnənt/ (adj): mang thai

Kristina eats a lot of food because she is pregnant 

  • resemble /ri’zembl/ (v): giống

= look like

She remsembles her mother

See you in the next topic ^^




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