Kết quả hình ảnh cho time

Nowadays, young people do not use their time well. There are four reasons that lead to this problem.

Firstly, after the computer and the internet had been invented, people created online games. The graphic of the games is very beautiful. As a result, it attracts attention of teenager. They can play games for hours a day without eating anything. Secondly, young people waste their time by using social networks. There are some famous social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… And young people use most of their time to upload photos, read friend’s posts and chat with their lover. Next, teenager prefers going out with their friends. They do not like to stay at home to do housework or homework. Sometimes, they forget their tasks and when they remember, they do not have enough time to finish it. Finally, because of the lazy personality, young people can not use their time reasonably. They just want to relax and do nothing. After all, parents should take care of their children carefully. They need to teach them not to waste their time. Therefore, young people can use their time well.


Truc My

P/s: this is my writing homework. Hope you enjoy it. We can discuss this topic by comments 😀


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